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Preston Housing

Posted on: March 13th, 2010 by cvc_admin No Comments
Our designs for a new block of urban housing knits sensitively into the existing material fabric of the adjoining streets – relating to the strong use of red brick and colourful rendered facades. The scheme re-creates a street frontage on two sides, with a softer communal space enclosed behind the housing to accommodate a range of social activities.
The scheme consists of a range of accommodation including 2 bedroom terraced houses, a 4 bedroom corner tower and a pair of fully accessible single storey dwellings. Our proposal re-establishes a street pattern and steps in height to allow views through to historic buildings such as the church to the west. This creates a clear hierarchy to the site and forms an identity for the new houses.
Each house has private amenity space, leading directly onto the shared communal area behind. Window proportions are large in comparison with many contemporary developments, taking their cue from Preston’s fine Georgian and Victorian housing stock.