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Hertford Road House

Posted on: May 27th, 2003 by Dan Jones No Comments

The scheme reorganised the entire split-level ground floor of a Victorian terraced house to get more effective use from the space. A principal aim
was to make a small extension to the sitting room without destroying an existing suntrap – now a courtyard – to the side of the house.

Heavily textured courtyard walls pick up sunlight as it falls and help bounce it further into the dining room. The Courtyard is painted in domestic colours
to imply interior walls and the continuation of the Dining room outside. Oversized roof lights make generous pockets of extra head room inside the sitting room. Large sheets of double-glazing are clamped by patent glazing bars each side making simple windows at minimum cost. From the Kitchen there are views through the dining room and sitting room, towards a segment of garden foliage and sky. What you see is a succession of frames, each overlaid on the next.

Stepping down from the hall way by the front door, a body sized vestibule in the swing of the kitchen door is like the inside of a wardrobe, lined out in American