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Airdrie Health Centre

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North Lanarkshire NHS Trust commissioned civic to design a focal public artwork within an external courtyard at the new Community Health Centre in Airdrie.
The design reflects a complex brief and looks to create an artwork that has a changing aspect depending on internal viewpoint and external weather; that brings a flash of colour into an otherwise monochrome architecture and that seeks to encourage patients and staff to exercise their eyes and look to the sky through the helical and colourful structures.

The sculptures are a product of the structural limits and challenges/opportunities that were already in place (the commission was made just months before the building completion date) and the limited installation conditions (a 60t crane was contracted to land the structures from an adjacent car park).

The steelwork and Perspex structures were developed in close collaboration with Elliot and Co. Structural Engineers in Edinburgh and assembled by HadFab Steel Fabricators in East Lothian.

Tidworth Community Resource Centre

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Tidworth Development Trust had the idea to build a community resource center after conversations with their Management Committee concluded that… ‘there is no community heart in Tidworth, there’s nothing for the whole community.’ The new Community Resource Centre was seen as an opportunity to create a community heart for Tidworth that was run wholly for the benefit of local people.

Different elements of the brief are distributed across the site according to whether they are more ‘domestic’ or more ‘civic’ in nature. There is a Youth Facility which provides the space they need to occupy unselfconsciously whilst still maintaining a central location in the scheme. There are training and conference facilities for the Development Trust, alongside a new home for the Town Council and licensed marriage rooms.
Across an enclosed courtyard is a community library and cafe which completes the centrally focused services, supported by a suite of Citizen’s Advice and Information rooms and office space for Youth Services and Police surgery space. The scheme is completed by a children’s nursery and creche which has been carefully designed to provide a large amount of natural playspace as well as covered external spaces to promote a close link between the building and its rural, natural context.
‘The building will provide services that aren’t currently available in Tidworth, a place for people to use to hang out so there’s a focus for the community’.

Duxford Community Hub

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civic has been working closely with the wider community of Duxford to develop designs for its first significant public building in many years. Duxford is a rurally isolated, medium sized village which has no community facility at all. The village is experiencing an incremental withdrawal of core services and is now embracing the ethos of Localism to take control of its own community provision.
The proposal is to build an environmentally desirable and financially sustainable multi-functional Community Hub incorporating energy efficiency measures and renewable technologies which will meet the needs of the whole community now and well into the future.  A suite of interlinking and various sized spaces will provide flexible accommodation for a wide variety of activities and initiative. This will include community led youth provision, sport, recreation, education, leisure and tourism.